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It's not luck... it's the awesome food and service! Brazil Express Grill is the 90-Day Fiancé's favorite restaurant, and that's why we were chosen to be the stage of this famous TV show. He's a great guy. The filming went well. We're all excited to watch the new episode coming up next year. We will keep you posted about when the show comes out! The long-running TLC series 90 Day Fiancé is one of the most successful reality franchises of all time, boasting an astounding 9 seasons and 18 spinoffs (so far).


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We have party packages with special prices. Questions? Call Mario at 224-353-6315

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Brazil Express Grill was featured in the Brazilian Times Magazine for their work promoting the "Inclusion of All" 

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As seen on CBS

National News

Brazil Express Grill's owner interviewed about the Covid-19 Pandemic and shut-down of restaurants.

"Thank you CBS National News for featuring us on today's news. We are going above and beyond, following all requirements to protect the health and safety of our customers, employees, and family.

As a small business, we need our patrons' support more than ever to make sure we will overcome these challenges and remain open in the future."

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Ana Santos-Vitelo, was one of 26 successful Latina women who participated in the writing of the first book "Today's Inspired Latina". The idea came to life through the vision of Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz, owner of one of the most prominent Marketing companies in the Chicagoland area "JJR Marketing Consultants".


The book was made in hopes of inspiring young Latinas and women, in general, to pursue their dreams and not give up even when the fight seems tough. 

With outstanding response to the first book, the "Today's Inspired Latina" movement has launched several other books and creating a huge networking group of more than 100 successful Latina women entrepreneurs. "Today's Inspired Latinas" movement continues to grow, encouraging many women to tear down the barriers and go where they have never been before.


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