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Meats (Churrasco) 

- Prime Sirloin (Picanha)

- Top Sirloin

- Bottom Sirloin

- Garlic Steak

- Flié Mignon

- Filé Mignon wrapped in bacon

- Parmesan Pork

- Chicken Breast wrapped in bacon

- Chicken BBQ

- Chicken Drumsticks

- Brazilian Sausage


Plus Sweet Grilled Pineapple

Our Food


We are proud to offer all the exquisite flavors, quality, and variety of an authentic Brazilian steakhouse. Here at Brazil Express Grill, you will find an assortment of tasty Brazilian fire-grilled meats, fresh salads, delicious side dishes, and desserts. 

At the table, you can order drinks including the famous Guarana Soda, made from Guarana fruit found in the Amazon forest of Brazil.


Try the Caipirinha, the most famous Brazilian cocktail, made from Cachaça (sugar cane rum), sugar, and limes. If you prefer more tropical flavors, try it with passion fruit, mango, or strawberry!

Unlimited Dinner

Our salad bar offers over 45 hot and cold delicious items to choose from. Not to mention that our food is free of artificial ingredients, fillers, MSG, and trans fat. We are proud to offer freshness with natural ingredients! 

Salad Bar 

HomemadeSide Dishes 

Our amazing homemade side dishes include mashed potatoes, sweet fried bananas, and our famous cheesebread, which is baked to perfection. 

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A La Carte Menu

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Kids Menu

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